RFIsoft develops Data Management, Data Acquisition and Data Logging and Data Analytics systems with high quality reporting tools for businesses and operations around the world. Our unique blend of technology and personalized service is a critical component of our client satisfaction. Our attention to service is evident in the people we hire, the systems we develop and the way we interact with our clients.

Energy Management and Reporting

The RFIsoft Energy Management is a powerful set of cloud based reporting tools providing insight in energy consumption, cost, forecast, and carbon footprint in concise reports. This solution utilizes and analyzes the enormous amount of complex data from Energy Management Systems (EMS) and metering assets at facilities. Any utility can be measured and analyzed, Electrical, Natural Gas, Water and Steam. Using existing EMS systems leverages your investment and your existing consumption history, providing the (forecast) data for making energy and financial decisions based on accurate daily and monthly data.

Vision System Data Logging and Reporting

For manufacturing processes where precision and tolerances are key to the product quality, Vision Systems can assure that the required quality is met. To support the production and management processes, it is critical to have an integrated data logging and reporting system, allowing implementing data-driven process improvements. In partnership with HNJ, RFIsoft developed an integrated advanced data logging and reporting system, augmenting the most advanced Vision Systems.

Smart Consumables in the Biotech Industry

Modern hi-tech biotech analyzers need to know the consumables being used. Consumable information like calibration or process information, single or multiple use,  non-counterfeit can be carried by the consumable in a very cost efficient and secure manner.  RFIsoft RFID Biotech Consumable Management systems ( ) manage these consumables, tracks all transactions and manages the preproduction and production steps.

Product Marking and Tracking:

Product Marking systems provide businesses the insight on the products produced through unique individual codes. With minimum interaction needed by the workers, products are either printed with visible unique codes, barcodes (including QR codes) or NFC RFID tags. Products can be traced at points in the distribution, or by the customers themselves, for example with NFC phones or smart phones with barcode decoders. Both fixed as well as mobile marking stations can be deployed.


Services and Consultancy

With the deep knowledge of capturing technologies, from RFID to Energy, and the experience in product concepts and design, manufacturing and business processes, RFIsoft can provide the expertise you need with your next project or product.

Connected Cloud Services

More and more of RFIsoft's systems are using Cloud based services. With the systems complexity in the cloud, the software on connected devices and computer can be lightweight. RFIsoft developed futureproof API's, based on open protocols to connect and interchange data between devices and cloud.

About Us

RFIsoft is based in San Jose, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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